Woodland Gardens PATHS (Personalized Approach To Holistic Support) is inspired by the qualities of a true woodland garden — where the trees above offer a canopy of protection and the path below provides freedom to explore and discover. Created specifically for Woodland Terrace, this approach offers a gentle structure while providing the flexibility to meet the unique needs of the residents.


Woodland Gardens care team is specifically trained to care for residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorders. Our courteous and professional staff make it a priority to become acquainted with each resident on a deeper level and create personalized care path which includes:


  • Integrating resident’s life story, interests & preferences
  • Encouraging daily physical exercise
  • Reinforcing life skills activities
  • Creating special memory moments
  • Providing support with flexibility


We pay attention to the details! Every space has been carefully designed to provide a safe, comfortable and home-like environment.


  • Resident Suites — Single-occupancy apartments feature personalized story boards and TVs with music therapy, photo gallery, memory games and family engagement.
  • Dining — Freshly-prepared meals are served in an intimate setting where families are welcome to join.
  • Family Room — Enjoy the company of family and friends, relax by the fireplace or take part in small group activities in this warm, welcoming space.
  • Stepping Stones Park —Surrounded by trees and flowers, it’s the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon stroll or outdoor activity.